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We have some amazing offers to help you get through Lockdown

Then get free delivery to your door by our coaches.

We have made special Lockdown Offers so you can get the kit and supplements you need while at home. 

So what are you waiting for?

We have products to help keep your immune system strong.

At Home Starter Packs

Skipping Rope, Supplements to try..

At Home Maintenance Packs

For members who need to recover and stay healthy. These can be a regular purchase.


Clothing Line

Top quality Hoodie, T-shirts and Tank Tops. Treat yourself to some ace quality kit while in lockdown.

Special Offer Packs

We have made some special offers for you to enjoy the products you need while in lockdown ii

Starter Packs

-Include a speed rope to practice skipping skills and get our cardio up too.

-MWod Balls to help us recover and look after our bodies.

-Supplements to give us nutrients we need to recover and keep healthy.

Chose the best option to help you the most

Starter Pack Pro

4x 40g Protein

Speed Rope

2x MWod Balls

1x FitAid


Starter Pack +

3x 40g Protein

Speed Rope


1x FitAid


Home Starter Pack

40g Protein OR FitAid

Speed Rope

Mwod Ball


Maintenance Packs

-These include quality supplements.

-To help fuel our bodies well

-Improve our immune system

-These offers we recommend buying often so you can take them as often as you need

Home Maintenance Pack Pro

6x 40g Protein

4x FitAid


Home Maintenance Pack +

3x 40g Protein

2x FitAid


Home Maintenance Pack

4x 40g Protein

1x FitAid



-These are Paleo friendly

-They help boost our immune system with lots of great vitamins

-They taste great

-Perfect for post workout too


1x Can = £2.50

We recommend buying one per workout at least.

Glutamine, Turmeric, BCAAs, Omega-3s, CoQ10, Full B-Complex.

Vitamin D (great for our immune system).

Purition Protein Powder

500g Bag = £22.95

Chocolate (cocca), Macadamia & Vanilla, Pistachio

15g PRO

12g FAT

5g CHO

As these are made with 100% natural products flavours have a slightly different Macro make up.

They are a local Shropshire company which sell internationally. The products are made in the Shire!

10-12 servings in a bag

Gym Clothing Line

-Great high quality garments

-With our Fab gym logo over the heart

-They wash very well

-Made by an ethical brand


CrossFit Shropshire Team Hoodie

Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large



CrossFit Shropshire Team Tee

Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large



CrossFit Shropshire Team Tank

Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large


Ordering is as easy as 1,2,3

1- Text the Gym Phone What You Would Like

2-We will process it and make an invoice on Wodify

3-Gray will hand deliver the order to your door

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